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Reed Bötzow

Reed Bötzow Berlin

client: RSG

time: 2022-2023

interior design + construction supervision

The new JOHN REED Fitness Club in Berlin Bötzow, a flagship of the RSG Group, offers a unique training experience in a protected brewery from 1884. The club combines an underground atmosphere with high-class training and places special emphasis on creative workouts. In addition to intense training, motivating music, and street art, the club focuses on high-quality interior design that highlights architectural features, including 7-meter-high dome ceilings.

Covering 3,136m², the club provides a comprehensive range of amenities, including relaxation options such as a 20-meter pool, whirlpools, and relax lounges located in the old cooling basins of the brewery. The wellness areas with individual light installations accentuate the architectural vaults.

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