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HEIMAT Los Angeles

HEIMAT Los Angeles

client: RSG north america

time: 2019-2022

interior design + corporate interior concept

Rooted in fitness, HEIMAT is more than an ordinary gym; it's a private community club where life's elements seamlessly blend. This harmonious and reimagined place prioritizes health, comfort, and connectedness, creating a warm-hearted community that feels like family.

HEIMAT offers a new luxury perspective, combining movement and mindset to enrich both body and soul. Breaking conventions, this refined club boasts purpose-built spaces, professional training areas, and exceptional amenities all under one roof.

Experience the benefits of physical exercise, relaxation of a spa day, flavors of fine dining, and togetherness with inspiring individuals. This carefully crafted experience welcomes everyone, regardless of fitness level and lifestyle.

The interior design by takes a unique approach to resources, emphasizing materials' originality and handcrafted processes. A multi-sensory experience is created by interwoven materials, sound, smell, and curated art, inspiring the conscious mind and nurturing body and soul.

The design has received prestigious honors, including the Arch-Design-Award, German Iconic-Design Award, Global-Future-Design Award, World-Design Award by TAC, Gray Award 2022, and IF Design Award 2023.

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Gold Winner APR 2022

 design process

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