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HEIMAT - Los Angeles
corporate interior design 

"HEIMAT Los Angeles" by RSG north america - 2019-2022

interior design & corporate interior concept


Rooted in fitness, HEIMAT is a private community club that is more than an ordinary gym. It‘s a setting where all of life’s touch points seamlessly come together. A harmonious and reimagined place where health, comfort and connectedness matter the most. A warm-hearted community that feels like family.


HEIMAT brings a new luxury perspective with offerings that merges movement and mindset, enriches body and soul. Rewriting the rules like no other before, the highly refined club rejects convention with its immersive world of purpose-built spaces, professional training areas, and many more exceptional amenities all under one roof. 


This place offers the benefits of physical exercising with the relaxation of a much-needed spa day, the flavours of fine dining, and the togetherness of being in the company of other inspiring individuals. A carefully considered experience like no other, welcoming those who are seeking an invigorating fitness experience for any level and lifestyle. 




The interior design by has a new approach of dealing with ressources and the way of value them. It is about the materials and its uniqueness, the appreciation of originality all the way to handcrafted processes and combinations with an elaborated and holistic approach.


We are seeking to create a multi-sensual experience by a contrasting look and feel of materials interwoven by sound and smell, accentuated by well curated art. The holistic created environment inspires the conscious mind, rejuvenates and nourishes body and soul.

The Design was honoured in 2022 with the: Arch-Design-Award, german Iconic - design award, Global-Future- design award and the World - design award by TAC.  

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